November 14, 2004

There's no crying in memeing!

Well, Tom Hanks would be confused, but I liked that scene in A League of Their Own. It's in the previews (I have yet to watch the movie :). It contains Bitty Shram.

So anyhey, the title refers to Rick chastizing DeAnn in reference to the blog post to which this .. blog .. post .. refers.

Yeah :)

So Rick did another list and then DeAnn did it and then I did it so here 'tis. (And they, um, call it a Meme when you get an idea from someone and pass it along. I read that in Daniel Dennet and Douglas Hofstadter's "The Mind's I")

Ten movies I'd watch over and over (I can't watch movies over and over any more but I did in High School so these are the ones I watched :)
1. Disney's Robin Hood (1970's cartoon, starring the cast from The Jungle Book)
2. Disney's Alice in Wonderland
3. " Sleeping Beauty
4. Hot to Trot (Bob(cat) Goldthwait before the long hair, and John Candy as the voice of a horse)
5. Wizard of Oz
6. It's a Wonderful Life (ok ok that was college)
7. Tron (it kept coming on TV)
8. The Explorers (ditto)
9. Flight of the Navigator (dittoditto)
10. Back to the Future II & III (I didn't have a copy of I *cry*)

Nine [groups of] people I enjoy the company of (touchy subject, like thanking people at an acceptance speech ;)
1. Mah Family!
2. Mah Church Grüp
3. The Crü
4. The Webformix Crü (+ Chris + Gene when we don't brawl ;)
5. The Coblogging folkz
5. My friends' parents have a habbit of being uncommonly cool (the Graybers, Ozrelics, Gardeners, Merydiths)
7. People who used to be in the above groups but are no longer: Phil, Arriene, Vince, Jerry, Mike.
8. Muh Cat (see? he likes to play with the string! purrpurr :)
9. Everyone who doesn't come to mind right now for whatever reason (cop out! heh ;)

Eight things I'm wearing (oh my. how scintillating. *barf*)
1. Tee-shirt (golf balls can be launched from it)
2. jeenz
3. socks
4. shoes
5. um.. hanes?
6. wedding ring
7. engagement ring
8. glasses

Seven things on my mind:
1. . o O ( Who cares what I'm wearing? )
2. . o O ( Wiki Breakfast Cereal! )
3. . o O ( I wonder if I have pings on this thing fixed? Am I hafta go beat up orblogs again? at least they have my favicon in there now :)
4. . o O ( House clean, back to church in morning. Note to self, avoid wearing shirts with cat pee stains on them. Last week was a nightmare. )
5. . o O ( Eternal Sunshine was not a bad film. Most of their treatment of how memory works was accurate. It was kind of like if Memento and Punch Drunk Love had an illegitimate love-child-film. )
6. . o O ( Nine things.. eight things.. seven things.. hey, this is a big countdown, hunh? :)
7. . o O ( I think albinoblacksheep is cool. Maybe I should make a cartoon and schlep it in thar. )

Six objects I touch every day (excluding the most incidental things I can; 'touch' as in 'try to use' for some clear goal or another :)
1. computer keyboards & mice
2. car keys (and I throw them :)
3. food / utensils / cups
4. money / cards (often to buy food.. I can't cook ;)
5. books / magazines
6. TV remote (I'll bet I use it every day.. but I am ashamed :{ )

Five things I do every day:
1. eat
2. sleep
3. read
4. compute
5. pontificate

Four bands or musicians that you couldn't live without: (if you're still not offended then I'll throw in John Tesh; but I don't listen to him very much ;)
1. Strong Bad
3. Enya
4. Eminem

Three of your favorite songs at this moment:
1. "You're a girl.. or maybe a wagon, filled up with pancakes" - Strong Bad
2. "She will be loved" - Maroon 5
3. "The Promise" - When In Rome

Two people who have influenced your life the most:
1. MacGuyver
2. My Gramma

One person who you love more than anyone in the world:
1. My Darla, hands down :) (after that is my son, Christian)


Posted by jesse at November 14, 2004 12:48 AM

awwww... but Thanksgiving without stuffing? Some sorta stuffing? Oddness, IMHO;-)

Posted by: Barney at November 14, 2004 09:36 PM

Heck no! Stuffing is bad :) What, did I mention that here somewhere?

Get back to basting that turducken, Alton Brown! ;)

Posted by: Jesse Thompson at November 15, 2004 01:36 AM

I'm finally playing catch up on your blog and I see all of these references to me I didn't even know about!!

Am I ever flattered?!

Posted by: DeAnn at December 1, 2004 02:06 AM


a method by which one blogger can let another blogger know they have referenced them in a blog post. Kind of like a comment origionating from a whole different blog. So, go to these blog entries I'm referencing and go to the bottom and check out where it says "trackbacks (1)". If you have notifications turned on your blog will even let you know when you get trackbacks or comments.

Idn't blogging wunnerful? Now I need to think of more things to blog about. :)

Posted by: Jesse Thompson at December 1, 2004 10:30 AM