November 13, 2004

Nintendo Dual Screen

Nintendo has come out with a new portable game device to put the Gameboy Advance SP to bed.

It's called Nintendo DS, and DS stands for Dual Screen. It is actually a clamshell with dual 3-inch lcd screens. Both are capable of antialiased 3d rendering of up to 120,000 polygons per second; putting it between the rendering capabilities of the N64 and the Gamecube.

The lower screen is also touch ensitive, and can be operated with a stylus or a finger.

Here is an animation showcasing one stylus-ready title called Nintendogs. Compare the 3D rendering quality with what you've seen in commercials of the Nokia N-gage, which looks like a tiny-resolution PS1. The DS will also allow wireless multiplayer gaming with up to 16 players.

Here is the Wikipedia article about the DS.

Posted by jesse at November 13, 2004 03:10 PM