October 07, 2004

Blogger Meetup Numbah G

I can count to G!

As Dane promised, we had another blogger meetup at Cascade Lakes Brewing Company Wednesday nicht.

It was attended by myself, Jon, Dane, Simone, and Kasey.

Simone brought chocolate for everyone from the motherland. I got the crackly kind, oh yes, oh yes :)

Dane enjoyed his chocolate and nearly lost consciousness, spoke of gallaghering cans of coke with a mallet (which we all suspect is his new fad after egging livejournalists) and prophetically enough began to play Donkey Kong, where he soon learned that one cannot weild a mallet and jump at the same time. Simone and I battled him off and on, and I got to level 3 before he did despite practically never having played before (I might have played once 20+ years ago but I guarantee I never got above the second girder :]) Apparently he never got to play my flash game Gravity, and would like me to make a game about smashing coke cans with a mallet. I shall however wait until my appartment is cleaned, thank you very much. :)

Jon and Kasey discussed many topics of interest. I believe Jon has the right frequency of voice as to be drowned out in the particular din of that establishment so I can't recall many (almost any ;) of the things that he said.. but he was also opposite the table from me and less loud than Dane. When someone admitted to "drunk calling" a particular demi-celebrity after an interview (that apparently nearly half of us had met?) he promised not to mention any names when he blogged about it.

For no particularily good reason the subject of Exploding Whales was brought up, and Simone made me promise to furnish her with A link to the video from when KATU's Paul Linnman covered the event outside of Florence in 1970.

Kasey intimated how the threat of the Microsoft GDI+ jpeg vulnerability has impacted her workplace. Apparently there is a very short list of sites employees are allowed to visit, at the top of which is Bend.com. Kasey was suprised to hear that I kind of built it, and gladly mentioned that Z21 is one of many local news outlets that rely on Bend.com as a some sort of free local newswire. We used to have an agreement with Z21 stating any of our news that they use they need to toss us a credit on, but they've marginalized that out of existance, now they just have our website up on their teleprompter. I swear to god, they have read off even typoes Barney made on numerous occasions.

Sometime after Dane veered the discussion off into crack and meth and absynth Jon had to take off, shortly after also did Kasey, and that left the three of us to pool playin'.

First round we played 1-5 / 6-10 / 11-15 and I pantsed everyone (but in the game of Shithead there are no winners.. just the Shithead.. and I can't recall who was the shithead ;) and then Dane had to leave. Next Simone and I played one last game of 9-ball, which I guess she technically won (directly after I launched the cue ball across the room ;) before I got the call that we had a 24 hour notice to clean our appartment for inspection, after which I too departed. I am currently taking a break from said clean up effort to blog at you lot. ;)

Dane adamently wanted us all to come and see Captured by Robots that night. I told him I couldn't since I'd been banned from The Grove. Kasey said that they should play some more Indie Rock. Jon mumbled something, I'm not sure if he went or not. Simone said "Call me and tell me if they are good!" which of course pained Dane vehemently and he began to make Dane-sounds.

A little bit about Captured by Robots. Apparently Dane knew about them because he had tried to book them for Geek Prom 2002 or 2003 back in Minnesotaland. Apparently they came here because Eric's dad Tony told Chris Lorey (sp?) about them, and he liked what he saw so he booked them.

Eric went to the show and Tony begged out at the last minute. Eric met the band, hung out, and heard that they had no place to stay here in town. (details aside, they don't make a mint on these gigs :) After going out to eat at Denny's, Eric took them back to Tony's house and directed them to crash in the basement (excuse the robot pun) as poetic irony for Tony not going to see them. Eric wanders back home and zonks out at 4am and gets a call at 8am from Tony: "Who are these people in my basement??"

All went well however as Tony and Band got along famously. I caught up to speed on all of this as we three had lunch at Kyotos today. The moral of the story is of course that Japanese food is weird :)

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