February 28, 2005

Comments Closed

Well, after maybe a month of not getting any email comment notifications from my blog, I come back to find a good 1200+ comment spam posts.

I don't keep my blog up to date very much anymore, so I've just closed all commenting on all my articles until I decide too.. and/or until comment spam is somehow eraticated.

Thank you for your support. :)

PS, our kitty is back home safe and sound now; he returned about 7 days after he vanished. He gave us all a fright but he hasn't done that way since then! Thanks again for your well wishes! :)

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February 02, 2005

Google "Suggest" Beta

Google Suggest Beta

It's just like Google's normal search except that it autocomplete's your typing with popular search term suggestions.. complete with predicted number of hits in the dropdown! Very impressive :)

It is not like Google Desktop or your own browsers' autocomplete inasmuch as keeping track of your own searches, it only suggests out of a pool of globally popular searches. I find it to be very very very *fast* considering that it calls back to the server as I type (about 1/5 of a second per character on bendcable). From a "guess what I'm about to say" perspective it is entirely phenominal. :)

Here is the FAQ

(PS, We got our kitty back.. he just sauntered back home after about a week and a half; what nerve ;) but now Christian is in the hospital with asthma related woes :( )

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