December 03, 2004

The December 2004 Internet Awards

After the spirit of the Darwin Awards, every arbitrary period of time I fire off an award to a (usually flash based) thingamajig on the internet. For example:

April, 2000 — most important thing on the internet:
Joe Cartoon, 3 drunk flies. (Since the cheapskate moved back to atomfilms I can't even link directly to the cartoon anymore)

November, 2002 — most f***ed up thing on the internet:
Camp Chaos, The Greatest Story In The World part 6 (which they don't have a link of any kind to anymore)

And now, December 2004, most eschereque thing on the internet:
[you WILL need to press F11 and view this in fullscreen, and view the flash version first..]

Paul Hinze et al, Zoomquilt.

It is the first Escher-worthy thing to happen since the passing of Esher 32 years ago :) Bravo.

Posted by jesse at December 3, 2004 12:30 AM